1 on 1 dirty chat

Dude don't know on what planet you live but i never saw this kind of lines on the chat and i play since the beta.Its more 90% of the time that we see stupid ppl starting to flame like that: "noob team! So for me that mod is rly apreciated cuz now i will start to play at peace no matter what a stupid cu*t would say in the battle from both teams.He also talked about his genitals and vowed to pardon himself for mass murder, as he took his profanity-laced campaign to the nation’s business elite. “I was looking forward to his presentation on economic policies and programs, such as his view of the private sector and its key role, his view about opening up investment opportunities, his view about economic provisions, his real view about contractualization.

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My main question is when you do get into random battles where people listen or have great ideas (trust me they are out there) how are you gonna know where your needed, how your needed or when your needed?

Another thing how are you supposed to call for help by arty or anyone else when you need it?

But there was no time,” MBC chairman Ramon del Rosario Jr. MAP president Perry Pe added, “I wanted him to expound more on agriculture, expound more on ease of doing business, but I guess as far as he is concerned, those will automatically follow if criminality has been solved.

To him, it was a single-minded purpose just to stop criminality.

“Clearly the two (Poe and Roxas) knew this was a business group that wanted to hear more about economic policies and programs and they made it a point to address those issues.