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The last thing you want are photos that are staged, overly photo-shopped, awkward, stiff and obvious that you paid someone to take your photos.A forced or overly retouched photo taken by a professional is just as bad as an amateur blurry or poorly lit photo.

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This position is rigidly stated in the Sharia, as it imposes husbands the obligation (called nafaqa) of taking full responsibility of household expenses as well as wives personal economical needs, even in the cases where the wife is wealthier than him.

I liked him because he was not only handsome, un papacito, he was also cheerful like me but serious and shy at the same time.

We discussed marriage prior to me going there an... Susana and I we'd in August 2004 and have been happily married ever since.

Last night we were laughing about the "good old days" and Catholic Singles was at the forefront of our memories.

It seemed hypocritical to me, and Islam incorporated theory into practice all the time instead.”“a friend of mine opened me an account on Qiran.com, I had already been a Muslim for three years before but didn’t want to get married again.

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