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In P3P, though, the fanservice is compounded by the fact that you can now play as a girl and run around Tartarus in a bikini, the same one you wear on the summer vacation part of the game.FES let you do this with Yukari and Mitsuru, and their beach outfits remain in this version of the game.

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Thus, the female protagonist’s XXII hairclip/band thing.

There’s no way in hell it’s a coincidence, and it’s just one of the subtle details the artist/character designer quietly slipped into the game. 2) Interlocking social link routes If you played P3 vanilla or P3 FES, you should absolutely play as the girl first.

Rio, for example, is the captain of the tennis/volleyball team (the only female sports teams at the school, apparently) with a longing for one of the male protagonist’s social link friends.

Even characters who were talked about but never had lines in the old P3 make an appearance in the course of these new social links. (Unfortunately, you can’t really date the girls as a girl – no same-sex relations in the world of Persona.) These new social links, and the additions to the old ones, help make P3P feel like a fresh experience.

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