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These changes included a realignment of Knowledge Management and Information Sharing executives to give them greater ability to shape and guide enterprise-wide information access and sharing policy; and reorganization of the FBI’s Directorate of Intelligence (DI), which will enhance partner engagement and information reporting.

In addition, the FBI undertook in 2012 a revision of its data access policies and implementation to better align with U. Government initiatives toward Attribute Based Access Controls for data.

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In 2012 strategic integration of technology and the continued evolution of sharing and safeguarding cultural changes increased FBI capacity to discover, access, share, and exploit information.

Developments in technology tools and databases enhanced internal sharing and safeguarding of mission support, while organizational and cultural changes within the FBI itself significantly improved sharing with external partners throughout the year.

It is the right of all Americans to be sure that their government is not only providing security to the nation as a whole, but also to each of us individually by guarding our civil rights and civil liberties.

The goal of the FBI regarding the sharing of information is to prevent the activities of those who would do us harm through acts of terrorism or other crimes.

We absolutely have to be balanced - we must protect some information in our care to safeguard citizens’ privacy and civil liberties, as well as to shield our sources and methods.