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"It's just something we have to consider very closely.

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Online chat is a potential way out for those who can't make a phone call, Pinero said, but the anonymity it affords is also especially helpful for those suffering sexual abuse, as well as deaf, male and LGBT survivors.

"As an agent, you have to be so careful when someone is reaching out -- if you're on the phone and you're a man saying you're being abused, you don't want someone to necessarily assume your partner is a woman," Pinero said.

NDVH uses a company called Live Person to power its chat windows.

But Live Person also offers its 8,000 clients -- which include retailers like AT&T -- the ability to find out a lot more about the people reaching out via chat through a "proactive" service. "-style message to a person browsing a site at a time that they're most likely to accept.

In 2013 they received more than 331,000 total contacts by chat, phone, or text.