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To find the parental controls on all these devices, go first to the General Settings App on the device home screen after you have linked and synced the i Device with an i Tunes account, and yes you can skip the input credit card number setting. Go into the general settings app on your device: When you enable the restrictions, you will be asked for a 4 digit password.This should be a password that only you know, so that your child cannot get into the settings and change them back.Redeem i Tunes gift cards for App purchases, you can buy i Tunes gift cards from most supermarkets, and some stores have specials on them where they are reduced in price.

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Predictably there will be a huge amount of Apple mobile devices given as gifts to kids of all ages in a few weeks time for Christmas.

It’s quite likely that kids as young as 4 years old will be given i Pad Minis or i Pods.

i Tunes: Turning off i Tunes means that they cannot download games or apps without your approval.

Same with installing Apps and updates, you will need to do that for them.

Ratings: You can set the settings for kids so that they can only access content that is appropriate for their age.