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The show was resumed a month later; however, only one episode is released each month, as opposed to two episodes per month due to Rolfe's other projects.

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He stated that afterwards, "everyone with a webcam and Fraps can now become a critic and don a characterized mentality, spouting profanities at will without getting censored." Rolfe began infusing various episodes with emphasis on homemade special effects and narratives.

The first of these cinematic episodes was review of Friday the 13th game in October 2006, featuring expressive lighting and camera angles to emphasize its horror film-themed narrative in which the Nerd is attacked by Jason Voorhees for disliking the game.

Rolfe diversified the reviews of platforms and products such as the Atari 2600, Super NES, Sega Master System and Sega Genesis video game consoles, the Power Glove and U-Force peripherals, films such as The Wizard, and the Nintendo Power magazine.

In an article by writer Alex Carlson, he explained that before 2004, video gaming criticism was mostly reserved for the larger game magazines and websites.

With collaboration from his friend Mike Matei, Rolfe put the Angry Nintendo Nerd videos on his website,, in 2004.