Live sexy chat rooks - Aolsex by older women

But judging by the steamy names of the chat rooms, they are also a pretty horny bunch.

And he quoted anonymous sources who reported having had sex with Sullivan, linking him to the said nasty sex ad and AOL handle.

Like all juicy stories in our sex-celebrity-Internet age, the story has metastasized.

“In light of Andrew Sullivan’s constributions (sic) to ‘Salon,'” Ehrenstein wrote, “I think you should be made aware of the following information, currently circulating ’round the ‘net. But then so is Sullivan.” The e-mail included what was apparently Sullivan’s own posting on a gay sex site, and added: “I am, needless to say, not a disinterested observer. Sullivan and I have — as they say ‘had issues’ in the past.” Well, I also have ideological differences with Sullivan.

I am a gay, left-liberal, vegetarian Californian, and I often disagree with the Tory Catholic Sullivan.

But however conservative Sullivan is, or how much he may moralize in ways that are different than me, he is entitled to sexual privacy.