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Related: What A Reunion For Reunites To Sing The Theme Song!Drake might not be having the most success in his personal life at the moment, but hopefully being back on set with Josh will snap him out of his funk. County District Attorney charged the scandalized star with a misdemeanor because of the arrest, when he was allegedly swerving and going 20 miles above the speed limit, and even refused to have his blood-alcohol levels checked. On Monday, Drake Bell was arrested after police suspected him of driving under the influence! According to authorities, police stopped the actor in Glendale, California because he took off swerving and speeding after making an abrupt stop at a red light.

He wrote on Thursday afternoon: Most of us feel like we're being held captive by Donald Trump -- but no one knows the struggle more than his actual prisoner (we kid, kind of), Melania Trump.

Family sources have alleged that despite looking somewhat smiley in public, FLOTUS is completely MISERABLE and doesn't even hide it from Trump's camp!

Besides consuming a vegan diet, Daniella loves to workout — and she definitely has the body to prove it! 6, the stunning actress posted a picture to her Instagram of her morning workout where she is lifting weights and working on her core while showing off her amazing stomach. 23, she posted another shot where she is on vacation yet still manages to get in a good workout by running a 10k!

Way back right around Christmas time last year, Drake Bell was arrested on suspicion of DUI in the Los Angeles area — and after being officially charged a few weeks later, he's moved through the legal system accordingly.

We don't know much about the case, but we know that the 29-year-old was given a citation and the investigation isn't quite over.