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People’s stereotypes of Asians also came up, and there had even been times when people had scoffed at him because he refused to take the “bottom” position in sex.

Joe throws back to the concept of a “whitewashed media” as he specifies an ideal that gay men worship: basically a white guy with abs.

“Some people respond to this by sticking with their own communities which result in the Asian corners in clubs or group stereotypes,” Min says.

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“I don’t care whether someone likes me for my race or for my achievements as they’re both a part of me,” Joe says.

However, he admits that some people have been cynical about his relationship.

“A lot of Americans specifically want to date Asians,” he says.

When Peter returned, he felt more proud of his cultural identity and started to see that discrimination was the problem, not him.

” asks Min Fuh, the project lead of A-men magazine and a community health officer at ACON.