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So, support your Asian man, if you had to put up with the guilt and pressure his family puts on him; you would need extra support also. In Asian cultures, the pressure to have children is strong.

His loyalty to them is not the same as his love and loyalty to you.

The pressure they give him is bad enough without the pressure of you also.

They are not the candlelight, strawberries with chocolate.. I think personally that White men are better at that kind of thing overall.

But Asian men do have their own way of being romantic. Most traditional men that are fairly young, have not had a lot of experience with having sex.

(Disclaimer: I do know there are other men of other nationalities that can do the same and very well, but we are talking about Asian men so don’t get bent out of shape if you a male reader that isn’t Asian) I can’t say that Asian men aren’t romantic, I can say that they are romantic in a non-traditional thinking way.