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When partial-page updates are enabled, controls can asynchronously post to the server.

An asynchronous postback behaves like a regular postback in that the resulting server page executes the complete page and control life cycle.

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NET profiling API), and an extensive client-side API designed to mirror many of the control schemes seen in the ASP. This whitepaper examines the XML Triggers functionality of the ASP. XML Triggers give granular control over the components that can cause partial rendering for specific Update Panel controls. NET AJAX Extensions, previously an add-on assembly targeted at ASP. Triggers for a given Update Panel, by default, automatically include any child controls that invoke a postback, including (for example) Text Box controls that have their event.

This whitepaper is based on the Beta 2 release of the . Remember that Pages are stateless, and so you should re-register these controls every time they are created.

because ,we can't get the data of the textbox of the lasttimeis it true? what happened when we set viewstate offexpect your answer!

Even I was confused earlier but I tried to discover it and I found the root cause, so sharing it to you all.

The Page Request Manager class asynchronously exchanges information with the server, and exposes events and methods for custom client script development.