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Now, you should probably adjust for the fact that people might be more forthcoming in this age of internet confession than they were back in the early '90s — perhaps more people were having anal sex back then than were willing to admit it. Anal sex was happening, and it was happening everywhere. In a 2010 study, researchers watched the 50 most popular porn movies and found 356 depictions, in 55 percent of the scenes, of men and women having anal.

But here also was the feminist Naomi Wolf talking about how anal fissures — a tear in your rectal tissue — comprised the single biggest problem seen at campus health services on college campuses she visited. And my friends were starting to talk about their experiences..not in undertones. " asked the gentleman suitor of a young woman I'll call Ilene.

You hear horror stories of — this sounds so gross but — accidentally pooping.

The whole concept in general kind of turns me off." These young women were students in the human sexuality class of Debby Herbenick, Ph D, codirector of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University at Bloomington.

It's not merely religious concerns at play — there's also a misguided sense that anal sex is safer than vaginal sex.

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    NEW YORK—Admitting they badly need to turn their business around, executives at struggling media company Vidmark Interactive confided to sources Tuesday that their situation has become so dire they may have to consider giving a job to someone who is actually qualified to hold it.

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    To me this was so bizarre because in the States most men get anxious even asking a girl out (kudos to those who have the courage to take that risk).

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    He’s done me wrong in the past and I always go back to him. I didn’t feel like it was important, I just felt the timing was right. So for me to be a part of it is kind of like crazy because now I’m going to become people’s guilty pleasure. I don’t think I watch scripted shows anymore expect for like .