tara connor dating - Black panther intimidation 2008 2017

Now, the Mc Cain/Palin tally has 7 extra votes (spouses also switched). If this is charged to Obama I guess it’s safe to charge every actually lynching of a black voter to the candidate which won on that election day? Oh and how is cheering on a bishop who says that people who vote for Obama are going to hell any different than cheering on “G-D America” Rev. …when the “B” stamped woman was supposedly assaulted by an Obama supporter it showed how wretched Barrack and his supporters were.

But when it turned out she made the whole thing up it cast no shadow on Mc Cain and his supporters.

A nightstick wouldn’t get me out of line, I can tell you that.

The police don’t need to station themselves in the precincts, but they have to be responsive — and it sounds like they were.

but the implication is that you were telling me that the black panthers were there to intimidate white voters from coming to this location?