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Although there is some where prima facie that come in most of the photos very close together and consistent with the presence of another, even more Bradley and Angel are always together on many occasions rather than being with their partners ...

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There have been little signs that have made my antenae stand up with him. In one sense it's harmless enough BUT the truth is coming from Bradley's incredible place of white hetero male privilege and the power that comes with it..celebration of heritiage when you strip it to it's true essence is a celebration of WHITE pride. I digress again, If he's involved with either on any level after what each has done to Angel..let's just say i'd get those walls. I'm aware I have blind spots and get some of their intent wrong.

As much as I like the courage and loyalty I see in Bradley I've also always taken a watch and see aproach to him. She may always be the one who got away BUT he will get to the place where he is balanced and ready to really move forward as opposed to staying stuck or back sliding. Deny it all you want but it's still being displayed out just in much more subtle and some not so subtle ways.

And it doesn't help that they are both smoking hot as hell! I hope Bradley and Georgia are very happy together!

: D the thing with Georgia was that it was her birthday and he invited her to I-can't-remember the place, because he wanted to be nice to her, and they were filming that Changeling episode.

I know the cast memebers on Eastenders have to get permission from producers if they want to go public on a relationship. It's interesting about the kissing question I must look that up. started to think perhaps there could be some thruth in BRANGEL, but on Bradleys Tumblr picture of him and Georgis at the O2 watching the tennis.