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Not by a sliver of chance am I convinced that they are able to reconcile the problem with their bulk update system, so I will stay with 1.2.0 for a long, long time, thank you very much!Historical content: I wrote this article over 10 years ago on 2006-10-20.But the tradeoff of having ease of installation for all the useful libraries that Ruby offers is just too hard to not fall back to using Ruby Gems again.

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So I figured I'd remove the source before updating, that should work right? It updates the sources before removing the source from the config it would appear.

mm:daemons caius$ sudo gem sources ** CURRENT SOURCES *** caius$ sudo gem sources -r updating Gem source index for: ERROR: While executing gem ...

All of my websites are currently running on a VPS server provided by Host Ican.

I recently discovered a little quirk involving VPS servers and Ruby Gems.

The way to avoid this problem is to update Ruby Gems… Unfortunately, this was not in my local repository.