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The assassination of Hrant Dink Hrant Dink murder went unpunished for 7 years: Trabzon 1st High Criminal Court resumed the case of Ali Öz where the former army colonel and local gendarmerie commandant stood trial with no arrest order regarding negligence allegations on the murder of Hrant Dink, the editor-in-chief of Agos newspaper, on January 19, 2007. The court stated that it declined the merging of the Istanbul 14th High Criminal Court’s file with the main case.While the opinion of Ali Sürmeli, the lawyer of Öz, about the Supreme Court’s remittitur of the record was “they should insist on the previous sentence” , Hakan Bakırcıoğlu, the lawyer of Dink family, said “They should respect the remittitur.” The Supreme Court of Appeals had wanted the files held separately in Trabzon High Criminal Court and Trabzon 2nd Penal Court of Peace to run concurrently and sent the record back.

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Istanbul court rejected consolidation: Istanbul 14th High Criminal Court replied negatively to Trabzon 1st High Criminal Court’s proposition of the consolidation of the case file of then Trabzon Provincial Gendarmerie Command Colonel Ali Öz’s trial and the Hrant Dink murder case reversed by The Supreme Court of Appeals on the basis that “there is no legal or factual link between the files”. No peace for Hrant: The Ombudsman Institution (KDK) led by Nihat Ömeroğlu suggested Hrant Dink, after receiving punishment for “insulting Turkishness” and incurring threats, was condemned “not because he was Armenian, but as the crime developed material and immaterial aspects”.

(November 23) Murder still a state secret: In the case where Ogün Samast, sentenced to 22 years 10 months for the Hrant Dink murder is tried for being an illegal organization’s member, Istanbul 2nd Juvenile High Criminal Court will ask again whether the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) documents the Parliamentary Commission for Investigating Military Coups sent to the court are a state secret (November 5).

Out 59 jailed journalists, 34 are imprisoned for “Kurdistan Communities Association-Turkey” (KCK), “PKK” and “DYG”; 9 of them for “Revolutionist Community Salvation Party Side’ (DHKP-C); 6 of them for “Ergenekon”; 4 of them for “ Marxist Leninist Communist Party” (MLKP); 1 of them for “ Resistance Movement” and another one is imprisoned for İBDA-C trials.

The “illegal” organization of two journalists is yet to be known.

PM Tansu Çiller [in that time] has been never tried even though her brief regards to take precaution for the newspaper was disclosed (December 3).