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Previously, she was married to her then-husband named Ben Waller.The pair exchanged their vows with each other on 13th December 2008 and they remained together till they got divorced on 13th June 2013.

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It's just like I want to know every script that's out there. My mom was a dance teacher and had a dance studio in the back of our house in Las Vegas. There are a few films in there that I am not totally proud of and I'll be perfectly honest to say I had to do them to pay the rent. You're not nude at all in , but I think your fans will be satisfied.

I started dancing and then I started singing and then when I was twelve I started doing community theater. I think going in with no expectations helped me because when you're desperate, this business just doesn't work. I didn't have the luxury of coming from money or anything so that I could just sit back and wait for the best role. I didn't think I could do the nudity and then I finally decided I could do it. CV: You know, I feel like I am funny and a good actress and I had been dying to do a romantic comedy.

And it's good for the guys because there is silly guy humor and guy-bonding. They were like, "We didn't know you played a 33-year-old! On their first dinner date, I thought Marisa was going to get off the subway and leave Jake standing there. Another reason I was drawn to the film was because I really believed in some of Marisa's ideals.

CV: I thought it was an interesting choice that she stays in the subway after he tells her he has a girlfriend. I do feel like there is at least one person, maybe a couple, out there that you are meant to be with and learn from and grow with and have babies with... CV: That goes back to the movie where Jake can't get over his first love, Isabella (Maris Petroro). DP: But when Marisa's romance with Jakes seems to fall apart, she doesn't let him go. She enjoys it because he comes from a different world.

The current relationship status of Cerina Vincent is not known.