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The book was originally published in Germany in 1983 by The Association of Former Residents of Triebswetter.It covers the history of Triebswetter from the time of its founding in 1772 up through the Baragan deportation in the 1950s.To place your order, send payment to: Ray Borschowa 1205 Academy St.

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Also, the settlement of families from Lorraine, especially in 17, provided enormous growth for the German community.

The family books also include death record information from the city hospitals where individuals who were not residents of Gross Betschkerek came to receive care.

The Family book of the Catholic parish of Hatzfeld in Banat with filial parishes Klari, Tschene, Ketscha, Deutsch-Zerne and the local manorial domains, 1766-1920, by Helga and Anton Hornung, (published by the AVBF), 6 volumes (Danube Swabian Origins Research Series #198; German Local Kinship Books OFB #00.922), St. 4,408 pages, 1 map, 2 local maps, 18 illustrations, 3 tables, hardcover, thread stitching binding. For orders in North America, please contact: Karen Dalton Preston: [email protected] orders in the EU, contact: Address: AVBF, Josef Michels, Spittelbergstraße 11, 78112 St. 07724-7122, email: Josef [email protected] the review of this seminal work by Dr. Family Book Bethausen im Banat, 1883-1990 By Josef Michels Also included are the filial parishes of: Balinz, Bara, Bodo, Cladova, Dobresti, Iersnic, Manastiur, Nevrincea, Ohaba Lunga, Remetea Lunga and Zipar Published by the Association for Publication of Banat family books (AVBF), St. The reader will now have an overview of his family from 1773-1900.

Georgen, 2015 There are 339 pages, A5 format, hardcover, including a local and detail map, with thread-stitched binding. For orders in North America, please contact: Karen Dalton Preston: [email protected] orders in Europe, please contact: Josef Michels: [email protected] der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Darowa Kranichstätten/Banat, 1786-2009 by Martin Mahalek, Nikolaus Reiter, Peter Berwanger Published by the HOG Darowa-Kranichstätten, Second Edition 1,120 pages This edition includes 20,232 individuals and 6,123 families. It covers Baptisms from 1836-1943, and Marriages & Deaths from 1854-1943, with some gaps in the available marriage records. For 85 €, you can get the 2 volume set and a CD of Josef Kühn's St. For orders in North America: email Karen Preston For orders in Europe: Josef Michels Spittelbergstr. Georgen, Germany mail: [email protected]: 0049 7724 7122The new volumes are a continuation of the Familienbücher Vol. As a supplement, also included is a free DVD with a digitized edition of Vol.

Families from the surrounding villages of Elemer, Etschka, Setschan, Stephansfeld, St.