Contacting people cross dresser dating sites

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Yes there are, but generally they are paid for websites, so members don't usually bother to pay and just use the basic membership to look which usually means that they can't contact each other unless they pay...

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Some women like obese men--I don't, does that make my mind "narrow"?

(1) i never said that it was.(2) of course reference to "narrow minds" was made specifically towards people who would reject a cross-dresser based solely on the fact that he is a cross-dresser.

If I got to know a man who was a crossdresser and several months into the relationship he told me, then he is a liar--and it wouldn't have slipped his mind: it would be a lie by omission.

I don't associate with liars either in friendships or love relationships.

BTW I actually really want to date as a regular guy, do the regular guy / girl date things, I never really expect my date to be involved with my dressing - hmmm maybe I need to add that to my profile - in fact she may never need to she me dressed, though I hope she would. Obviously, it is a big deal, period; if it were not, the OP wouldn't have started this thread.