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Torres was impressed with the likeness of Paris, but she said Naomi "didn't quite capture her eyes." (") A glitch in the secondary systems caused by Seven upgrading the computer core caused the communications net to malfunction, redirecting different comm channels to the wrong people.

While trying to reach the bridge, Commander Chakotay received a number of comm calls, including "Computer, locate Naomi Wildman." The voice clearly belonged to her mother, Samantha Wildman, who sounded quite annoyed with having to make the inquiry, as if it was a regular occurrence.

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(") He also cared for her while her mother was on away missions.

In 2375, her mother was aboard the Delta Flyer when it was caught in an ion storm and crash landed.

After Seven recovered, she decided to help Naomi with her studies on the Delta Quadrant, and asked Naomi to help her develop her social skills by teaching her the rules of the game her little girl personality had played with Naomi.

(") Later that year, the two deepened their friendship following Voyager's encounter with a telepathic pitcher plant, when they were the only two people immune to its telepathic influence due to their relative indifference to returning to Earth.

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