Dating a globe

He showed up late unapologetically (Strike 2) because he’d decided to have another round with his buddies at a Reunite the Right gathering (Strike 3). His face finally lit up when he described his autographed Ronald Reagan portrait and he assured me it’s possible for anyone to achieve the same level of success he has if they try hard enough.

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" existed as an independent country only from 1962-1967, after which it became Yemen.

This is great, as it limits our searches quite a bit.

But maybe we’ll have a little garden on the rooftop of our one-bedroom condo.

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The next day, I receive a text: “I hope you’re feeling better and it wasn’t my cooking that made you sick.” I contemplate replying, “It wasn’t your cooking, just your politics.” While my Trump-supporting date thinks Hillary’s a criminal, another man I dated in Calgary believes she is a reptile, as in, part of the Alien Elite Race secretly controlling humankind.