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All I know about Jamacian men is the joke about an American couple honeymooning at a nude beach in Jamacia.

The man had his wifes name, Wendy, tatooed on his penis, but when flacid all you could see was W Y.

Being the materialistic person that I am, I would LOVE him to, but we all know what comes along with THAT....he'll be trying to put me on LOCK DOWN..I am SO not the one... One of my best friends is from Trinidad and hanging out with her and a couple of her men at the Reggae Lounge and parties I have noiced that they are STRAIGHT UP WOMANIZERS, a lot DO NOT GO DOWN SOUTH especially the DREADS but they do know how to FINANCIALLY TAKE CARE OF THEIR WOMEN (all 20 of them they may have ) They love their GANJA but being possessive and aggressive never seen that from any of the men my friend has dated or myself hanging out with her and meeting Caribbean men from the islands. This probobly isnt true of all of them, but she has dated many (and I do many many) guys from that area of the world.

Good Luck let us know what happens The Reggae Lounge?! Never been there but my sister used to go cause she loved WI guys. There arent many Jamacians in my neck of the woods.

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