Dating an investment banker blog

Surely, he can afford to take you to expensive restaurants, but never assume that it is his responsibility to pay for you all the time. Most importantly, don't date him just because you want free meals, free clothes, free travel, or free rent.

Be sure that you are truly interested in him, and not his hefty pocket.

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And when he experiences troubles and challenges in his career, you're going to have to be the one who will help him get back up.

Just because he has a bigger paycheck, it doesn't mean he should pay for everything even your meals. Maybe he'll insist on paying, but at least you offered.

So, how do you ensure a healthy and lasting relationship with an investment banker?

You see him in elegant clothing and a neat overall appearance, but don't let the physical aspects be the only reason why you are dating him. Get past the image and find out what he likes, things he is passionate about, or his life story.

’ And then everyone would go back to work.”Jeremy and Samson—I’ve changed their names to protect their anonymity—were first-year analysts at Goldman.