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“Now choose.”Rachel immediately gets the Westworld reference. ” says Rachel to the bartender a little offended.“I apologize if I’m being too forward,” says the bartender, “but I have been analyzing the two of you all night, and while it is nice of you to want to be there for your friend, you don’t belong at an orgy.”“So you have been stalking us?

” asks Rachel.“Psychoanalysis is the more accurate term,” he says. I assume a sex club is the perfect place to bring in business?

Rachel and Ariane didn’t meet again until after Christmas, six days later. “Well for future reference, the text phrase ‘we need to talk’ is a bit of a trigger for me,” says Ariane.

“It is what I say to guys when I get tired of them and about to dump them.” “Well, that was kind of my intent,” says Rachel. ” “It has been almost a week since the Top Club, and we have never really got together and barely text,” explains Rachel.

The best parts of that night were sharing experiences with you.