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Clerwood Clerwood House still stands, a spacious mansion set in extensive grounds in Corstorphine, a suburb of Edinburgh.

Giuseppe was reputed to be a wealthy man, and lived comfortably with his wife and their four children, Romeo, Ulysse, Cosina, and Flavia, in a well staffed household of servants.

Ulisse and his siblings enjoyed this privileged lifestyle until 1848 when their father was declared bankrupt and, after a humiliating foreclosure, committed suicide: Ulysse, born 18th June 1839, was nine years old.

The Tods of Edinburgh Margaret’s father was Robert Tod, Mill owner, a partner in Alexander & Robert Tod Ltd., Leith Flour Mills (NAS D76/1056), and a Leith Harbour and Dock Commissioner (NAS SC70/4/298).

The Tod family was an old and respected Edinburgh family of merchants and lawyers.

When Ulisse met Margaret’s family in Edinburgh he was impressed by their affluence and stability and described them as ‘like granite’.