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First time borrowers should go after cards designed to build up their credit histories, such as the Northwest FCU First Card.

A recent study by Nerd Wallet found that millennials with low credit scores apply, and are rejected, for more cards than young borrowers with better scores. Do Use the Right Card at the Right Place and Time You need a certain amount of constant vigilance to take advantage of a rewards card.

Some cards, like the Discover It and Chase Freedom, offer 5% cash back up to the first $1,500 spent on categories --like Amazon or restaurants-- that change every three months.

To take full advantage make sure to sign up for the rewards before each three-month cycle and actually use the card on purchases that fall under the bonus categories. Apps like Wallaby can help you maximize your rewards.

Ask for Redress if You Do Miss a Payment Inevitably, you'll err. Some cards give you a little latitude in their terms and conditions.

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