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If you've also been to Meetups and singles events, then I hope you're very outgoing because you’ll need to "work the room." I am not at all shy and really enjoy chatting and getting to know another person; but, at the larger events, you've got to really work that room hard.

Eight at Eight, however, is an event that has been carefully planned out and scheduled.

Not sure why, other than men (who may know the most single men at work, etc.) just don't see themselves as matchmakers.

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The associates are genuinely interested in finding out what type of person you would like to date.

Physical and social qualities as well as commonalities are reviewed so that you can be matched with the best possible dating prospects. I not only spend time with new dating prospects, but I even get to try new restaurants that I didn’t even know existed.

So, that’s pretty much strike one, because family and friends rarely if ever help you in the romance department.

That’s why I find Eight at Eight so helpfu – it’s their business. If you've been on online dating sites, then I probably don't need to say much more.

" Hope "I recently returned to the dating scene and found out how difficult it can be to meet people with similar interests.