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He knows that it is unusual to issue a statement like this, but hopes that fair-minded people will understand why he has felt it necessary to speak publicly.’ The extraordinary statement was released today by Communications Secretary Jason Knauf.

Mr Knauf joined the Royal Household at the start of 2015 and acts for Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The actress has also likely dated Northern Irish golfer Rory Mc Ilroy and Canadian star chef Cory Vitiello Miss Markle posted several pictures of recent trips to London, including a view that appears to be of Kensington, where Harry lives, in July, and a picture of his grandmother's house, Buckingham Palace.

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A lengthy and strongly-worded statement issued by Kensington Palace said there had been a 'line crossed' in the abuse and harassment she has faced and it was 'not right' that his girlfriend 'should be subjected to such a storm'.

Concerns: In an extraordinary statement on his love life, Prince Harry, 32, said he is worried about Meghan Markle's safety following the 'wave of abuse and harassment' she has faced since rumours of their relationship first surfaced nine days ago In the public eye: Harry's new girlfriend Miss Markle is pictured leaving her home in Toronto in Canada last Thursday, which police and private security are now guarding.

One of his first major tasks on behalf of the royals was to manage the media arrangements outside St Mary's Hospital in Paddingto when Princess Charlotte was born.

In August 2015 he also released a letter over 'an increasing number of incidents of paparazzi harassment of Prince George'. At 11 she forced a soap manufacturer to alter an advert after she wrote a letter to then first lady Hillary Clinton and other high-profile figures complaining that it implied women belonged in the kitchen.

It is not right that a few months into a relationship with him that Ms Markle should be subjected to such a storm.