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I'll gradually ratchet things up a bit over coming dates and see where it leads. It might scare her off if though you're right about one thing.Too slow and she might think you're not that into her. Like telling her you'd really want to give her a kiss instead of waiting fro that opportunity.

You can keep a high intensity level only just by using words.... Assuming she has past beggage and isn't ready for anything physical right now....) Thanks for your answers guys, they were really helpful.

For this, you need to study her thought patterns and direct the conversation towards it. I did what you said, felt her out, so to speak, introduced some contact and decided to put my arm around her to see what reaction I got. She actually questioned me as to whether I was comfortable with it which I felt surprising but there you go.

She said that I should have as she wanted me too, initially I feared the worst but she said that all she was worried about was that I didn't fancy her.

Clearly I do and I told her that and out of what could have been a bit of a mess has turned out into giving what we both want more definition.

She seems really interested, we're in contact daily and it's not been a problem to arrange dates so I take her to be quite interested.