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Most people report that they want a partner who can make them laugh," says Dr. If the person has never heard of what you're talking about, it's easy to send a link via text or Facebook message.They'll get a sense of your interests and you'll be able to follow up with their thoughts during your next date.

Monica O'Neal, licensed clinical psychologist and relationship expert, tells Buzz Feed Life.

It's important to get a sense of that person's day-to-day life. Or does he tend to take a nap after he comes home from the office?

In this report and MP3 I give you examples of exactly what kinds of things to say to a girl and things to do to create “sexual attraction.” The fact is, finding out a girl likes you is only the first step in getting the kiss or making her your girlfriend.

If you want to move to the second step, you absolutely must know what kind of things to say to a girl.

What to Say to Start a Conversation with a Girl You’ve probably been in a situation where you were fairly certain a girl liked you.