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To avoid you or your family and friends becoming a victim, make sure you are all aware of what can be done to protect yourselves.

In addition to the below advice the Metropolitan Police have also kindly provided their The Little book of Big Scams booklet, which will help cmbat fraud and other economic crime.

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Shares remain the most common product offered, accounting for 40 per cent of all investment scams.

Next come carbon credits, land, and rare earth metals.

Many genuine charities rely on these doorstep collections for a substantial proportion of their shop sales, however, some of these charity collections are bogus.

The Association of Charity Shops estimates that the potential value of donated clothing and other items lost’ to legitimate charities through this method is over 1million per year.

The Microsoft scam is probably the best known; methods include asking for credit card details to validate copies of Windows, stealing personal information, installing malware and charging to remove it.