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There are many Internet dating services that can help you locate nearby Pittsburgh singles.

This page includes singles statistics for Pittsburgh, PA, the state of Pennsylvania, and the whole US.

Enjoy the city lights shimmering on the water, and watch the bustle below as you ascend peacefully to your perfect perch for the evening: The Grandview Saloon.

Stop by for a nightcap and some divine dessert, or for the full steakhouse experience.

• Take in the View - During the day, Duquesne Incline is loaded with tourists and locals tend to avoid it.

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    Yet 70 per cent teens show signs of depression and 48 per cent think about suicide. SMOKE UP: Fruit flavoured tobacco from a pipe dipped in water or wine.

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    Others originally lived in different states, provinces or even countries and most definitely would not have met without our site!

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    ” If you start dating someone else, you will NEVER see your kids again!