Dating younger women for men over 30

The author presents tons of information in a well structured and straightforward manner.

He knows what he does, because he has learnt through his owns experiences in the real world.

But don't get me wrong, the book itself never gets sidetracked.

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But, I warn you, this book isn't a quick fix, it is about hard work.

The principles are simple but effort, courage and energy are requiered, but hey! Anyway, you are not alone, the author in his web radio show at live 365 answers any questions regarding this matters, if you call.

If you're not sure about buying this or any of Steele's many other books, you can check out his web site, and his web radio show on live365, which have a cornucopia of information on his dating perspectives.

Some of the info is kinda dated but is still effective and works (i think the copyright is 1995).

He especially emphasizes "The Right Attitude" for men, which in addition to attracting women, is designed to reinforce the man's own sense of self-esteem and manhood.