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But why haven’t we outgrown the thinking that women are captives waiting to be rescued from a tower by a mighty hero?Why haven’t we outgrown the idea that women need someone else to save the day?

And if we’d only read beyond the fascinating tales about women — royals and commoners alike—-if we’d only read beyond the lines, we would understand that women are not the fragile princesses that storybooks made us out to be.

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How to motivate kids without stressing them out It's a fine balance for parents between pushing kids too hard and not pushing them hard enough.

How can parents know how much kids can take or when they should back off? Wes joins the Fox4 Morning Show to talk about how to motivate teens without stressing them out. Wes joins Loren Halifax on the Fox4 Morning Show to discuss his best rules for breaking up, which he calls the most essential tool in dating.

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