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“So when it came time to assemble a cast for the series, I used Facebook to connect with both actors and non-actors in the city.”Featuring a cast of about 12, On the Scene includes characters who experience the highs and lows of dating in OKC, the trials and tribulations of complicated families and friendships and the inherently unique experience of living in tornado alley.“The show has so many different archetypes that either contrast or mesh well with other characters,” Jocleen said.

“Some are manipulative, yet some are innocent and naïve, and that’s what creates really interesting storylines between the characters.”On the Scene has found its niche in the onslaught of internet web series through unexplored settings.

The Inland Empire was dead last in the overall rankings, with just 28 percent of those polled expressing satisfaction with the dating climate.

Riverside ranked 29th with the college educated; 30th with those polled with college degrees.

Filmmaking is a relatively new venture for On the Scene’s production crew, yet their knowledge of the community renders the city both familiar and novel.“Before Nicole reached out to me, I’d only worked on music videos and weddings, but I always wanted to try my hand at directing TV or movies,” said On the Scene director Jay Rid of Video Hero Productions.