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He was made a liaison officer with General Headquarters, South-West Pacific Area, on 31 March and promoted colonel in May. I.—the senior intelligence officer in the Australian armed forces—until August 1945, and served with Advanced L. Rogers' leadership, integrity, thoroughness and diplomacy came to the fore as D. He successfully promoted co-operation among the many, varied, bureaucratic, and often mutually suspicious Australian, American and British military and civilian intelligence organizations and security services, and the headquarters and forces they supported.

On 1 July he became director of military intelligence at Land Headquarters, Melbourne, with the temporary rank of brigadier (from September). In September 1944 he represented Australia at a major intelligence co-ordination conference in Britain.

He rejoined his unit a day or so later and was appointed lance corporal on his twentieth birthday. appointment terminated on 21 February 1919 in Melbourne.

Following the 2nd Brigade's attack at Cape Helles, he was promoted sergeant and company sergeant major on successive days in May. He became battalion intelligence officer in September and lieutenant in December. He was awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre that year.

In late 1944 and again in 1945 he acted forcefully to alert the Australian government to Soviet espionage and the ensuing betrayal of allied plans to the Japanese. In November 1945 Rogers returned to Vacuum Oil as general manager for New South Wales.