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He was honest about the fact that he was not going to leave his wife and children for me, but did promise me that when I was free to date, we would see each other outside work. I feel guilty for trying to talk him into having an affair. You shouldn’t have to leave your job for him, especially if you like it. If he asks you why you are avoiding him, then tell him.

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However there is one issue I’ve never seen addressed on this site (or any other for that matter).

Suppose you had treatment-resistant depression (or any chronic mental illness), assuming that you had been going the medication-and-therapy route for years to no avail, and that you were doing all you could to help yourself in your condition, but that you were just not able to function on the same level as a healthy person (i.e., too unstable to keep a job, on social assistance, disability status, etc.).

Making love in a bed without being rushed or afraid of someone walking in on us. If you keep your distance for a while, then maybe you will realize that you can just be friends with him.

Don’t forget, it takes time for a broken heart to heal.

Try and keep yourself busy in your spare time, so that you are not constantly thinking of him.