Derek cajun dating coach

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Derek cajun dating coach

Pursuing a film career and moving into a bigger city, he realized that picking up women was more difficult than in his small friendly town.

He met some top Love Systems instructors and has been hooked ever since.

otherwise it’s illegal to use them) [note – no consideration of any kind was given to any of the beta testers] “I used to find dating sites really frustrating. I was part of the beta testing group for the book by Cajun of Love Systems.

What’s the point of sending dozens of personalized messages for one or two responses that don’t lead anywhere? From the first chapter, he’s telling you how to rewrite your profile, choose your pictures (this made a BIG difference for me) and what to say in the first message. I’m hardly an expert or a “player” and I’m not sure I want to be.

I’ve never put any testimonials up on this site before, but I thought you might like to say what some regular dudes that tried this program out had to say…