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In fact, lower prices for 4K Ultra HD TVs are putting, even more, pressure on the availability of 720p TVs, as it is forcing the decrease in 1080p offerings in larger screen sizes, which, in turn, pushes 1080p down into smaller screen sizes that have been 720p territory.

This state of affairs means that the price difference between 720p and 1080p TVs is so narrow now, that manufacturers are finding it very cost effective to increase the number of 1080p offerings in smaller screen sizes.

Shouldn't it be easy to see the difference between a 720p and 1080p TV? Besides pixel density of 1080p vs 720p, there are also the factors of screen size and seating distance from the screen to take into consideration.

In answering this question, it must be noted that the large majority of LCD, Plasma, and OLED TVs are 1080p TVs (also, there is a growing number of 4K Ultra HD TVs now available).

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