Doc love internet dating

Doc Love is dedicated in his mission — in over 16 years of blogging, he’s never missed a Wednesday.

There are still good women out there and Doc Love helps you to separate the good ones from the bad ones (nazifemministas, sluts, gold-diggers, mercenaries, femafascists, you name it...).

The Short Version: Doc Love, a relationship coach with over five decades of experience, advises men on what to do (and what not to do) to keep a woman in love for years to come.

“I may have been able to find her, but I never would have been able to keep her without you.” Relationship coach Doc Love receives dozens of these “you changed my life” letters each month.

When we spoke with him, he brought up these pages of success stories with pride. “I train them to approach and handle relationships properly to keep a woman in love with them.” At my brother’s wedding, my dad stood up to dole out some sage advice.

He asked her for her number, waited seven days, and then asked her out.