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I was a bit miffed – of course, I both understood and disdained my parents’ preference for me to date the ever-so-coveted Gujarati Doctor, but putting my interracial relationship on par with a traffic ticket I received at 16, or when I got in trouble for talking too much in 3rd grade, seemed a bit extreme.

Interracial dating, while nothing new to most immigrant communities in America, is still something fresh for South Asians in their respective communities.

Under the shield of anonymity, forum members reinforced the gross stereotype that Black men marry “the fattest, ugliest women if that woman can support him.” Clearly, there are enough examples to prove that race does not dictate what type of woman you marry.

, Priyanka Chopra’s character is a high fashion model who is spiraling out of control.

In order for a more perfect union, we need to begin to respect the personal unions in our community.

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