Fannie servicing liquidating plan

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VA proposes to implement its new, computer-based tracking system over an approximately 11-month timeframe, with program participants grouped into nine segments that will ``go live'' on VA's new system during designated phases of implementation.

Each phase of implementation will incorporate time for data clean-up, system modifications, defect corrections, testing of interfaces and data transmission, and review of lessons learned before initiating the next phase VA proposes to phase-in the implementation based on criteria unique to several industry segments.

All comments previously received following publication of the proposed rule and the supplemental notice referenced above are being considered and do not need to be resubmitted Any questions or comments should be directed to Mike Frueh, Assistant Director for Loan Management (261) Veterans Benefits Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs 810 Vermont Avenue, NW. VALERI (VA Loan Electronic Reporting Interface) page Implementation Letter Implementation Schedule #### Safeguard Properties is the largest privately held field services company in the country.

Located in Cleveland, OH and founded in 1990 by Robert Klein, Safeguard has grown from a regional preservation company with a few employees and a handful of contractors performing services in the Midwest, to a national company with over 425 employees.

By implementing the new tracking system in this way, VA's goal is to bring on board the largest number of loans as early as its system can handle them, while also taking into account the number of servicers, the extent of servicers' interfaces, the types of loan portfolios, and other unique testing factors that VA can anticipate at this stage.