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I guess if you have gotten this far, my photos have passed the visual check and now you need to make sure we have some things in common.I'm actual...” “Hi, I am well educated, and mindful of others....” “I am very shy but I warm up friends tell me that if someone actually took the time to look in my eyes would see what a great person I am.

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I am creative and imaginative, i can be a grown boy sometimes but i am serious when necessary. I like to care about people who are close to me, I like to help them, and to encourage them.

Message me if you have any questions and i ...” “Hi. I like sports (calisthenics, basketball, hiking), fantasy, music, quality food and wine... I want to create a happy f...” “Hello to everyone, I'm Salvatore and I'm Neapolitan. when I notice that a person demonstrates to give me their full respect, I will not only give my heart but also my soul. Well after a hearing about this site, I have decided to get my profile and be clear about expectations.

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I am kind, compassionate, passionate and a very happy person who is looking for someone who I can have stimulating conversations with and someone that I can make laugh until their stomach hurts. I'm not into running around in the bars and don't really drink but one or two to be sociable.