virgo men dating tips - Free adult dating site no scams

While there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of hookup sites, only 3 of them are legit.

(Customer service, support, no scammy billing model, and of course, actual user base of people using the site that can be reached and that can be seen for dating or hook ups.) There are some things to look for, which we did when we checked out these sites.

Our seasoned team of serial dating artists have checked out dozens of websites claiming to be the top online dating sites for adults, only to fall short of expectations and not lead to any real life hook-ups.

Does the profile look like it was uploaded straight from Google Images? That’s where most scam sites get their photos from.

We’ve put in the time and effort to research adult sites so we could locate the scams and the legit sites.

We are 100% certain that the profiles on those sites are real, their members are not attempting to scam us out of money, and you will have a legitimate shot at getting laid by an attractive woman. Heck, many guys actually prefer a long-distance hookup. If she wants to come visit you, she can pay her own way. Avoiding adult dating scams is easy if you take the proper precautions. With rare exception, if the signs indicate it’s a scam, it probably is.