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It was only the third time when I found photos that he was unable to get out of it.

As for the txts I know it's not much consolation but he could well be txting someone like Mo out of Eastenders - she was doing the chat lines at one time!

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Take care Hi Elizabeth, I don't know why really, we haven't really had much physical contact lately due to me being tired lots and just no desire to do it, why should I when the way he asks for it is 'any chance of a shag? In 2 nights he has clocked up 45 on these things, but I couldn't give a toss about the money, it is the fact that he is a god damned liar when it is there in black and white!!!!

How dare he do this to me when he knows I am mentally brittle!!! Why can't he just admit it then we can get it resolved? I do know how things are with you and I can appreciate how you are feelling, and yes, I agree with you, how dare he do this to you, knowing how low you are.

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He is denying it but I know its true, I had to use his mobile to text his brother before coz mine is broken and the numbers were there even though he has deleted the actual texts.