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It's easy to understand why you might be confused as to what you are going to get when you see the titles of various sex chat sites.

To clarify there are generally two types of adult chat sites, "cam chats" and "sex chats". The camming industry has done their best make people think they are offering a free service when in reality they are not.

Some of the online chat platforms also allow people to have private chat sessions with seductive females and males.

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Simply spending time in the chatroom generates free coins which you can then use to purchase virtual gifts like condoms, vibrators and dildos.

Instant & Private Messaging: You can private message or "whisper" anyone within the chat. A "whisper" will show up in the chatroom text but only be displayed the person you target.

Online sex chat platforms also help people to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Through these platforms, adults can have sexual chats with other like-minded adults.

Sex chats are filled with normal men and women looking to chat with others while cam chats are occupied by performers looking to make money.

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