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The whole setup seemed very , especially once the oddly-spoken leader Jadis tossed Rick into a pit to fight against an armored walker with swords and spikes shoved through it to prove his mettle.

Lacking the Force, Rick (with an assist from Michonne on the sidelines) settled for pulling a bunch of trash down on top of the walker and braining it with a shard of glass — but not before he injured his hand on one of the walker's spikes.

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In the mid-19th century, however, the tin and copper mines entered a period of decline.

Subsequently, china clay extraction became more important and metal mining had virtually ended by the 1990s.

The kid is way too wide-eyed and optimistic to survive in 's world — he might as well be wearing a red shirt.

Elsewhere, Rick and the gang got to know the group of strangers (emphasis on strange), who nabbed Father Gabriel last week — apparently they live in a garbage dump and had been watching the boat that Rick and Aaron ransacked for supplies for quite some time, waiting for someone with enough skill to do the hard work for them.

The area is noted for its wild moorland landscapes, its long and varied coastline, its attractive villages, its many place-names derived from the Cornish language, and its very mild climate.