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The first one was a straight-up personal ad — single mother seeking companionship. It was insane.”As the topper, Fitzgerald said, “Some men who responded to my first ad saying they were single were the same ones responding to my second ad saying they were married and unhappy.”The experiment affirmed one of her beliefs about relationships in the digital age, when a romp is a few keystrokes away.“It’s amazing, how many men and women are cheating,” she said. You know where to find me.”A Bayville man’s post titled “The Cove Restaurant” described a woman he had just met there and added, “I think you are very attractive and was going to buy you a drink. So anyways, see you at work.”Does anything come of this stuff?

The second was fictitious; she posed as a dissatisfied wife looking for some side action. RELATED: At 95, high school sweethearts reunited in Ocean County Missed Connections is a fascinating place: often sad, sometimes hilarious, usually instructive about the human condition. Gary Lewandowski, chair of Monmouth University’s psychology department and a widely published expert on the subject of intimate relationships, believes the answer is yes.“I suspect the people who post realize the chances of this panning out are fairly remote, but by posting it there, it allows them to keep hope alive,” he said.

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Online dating sites use market metaphors to match people.

Match metaphors are conceptual frameworks that allow individuals to make sense of new concepts by drawing upon familiar experiences and frame-works.

As Valentine’s Day approaches Fitzgerald remains single — her last relationship ended in March — and she sees it differently.“Social media has made us socially disconnected,” she said.

The journey to intimacy is supposed to be longer than a three-sentence post, if for nothing else than decreasing the risk of pain down the road.“It’s like trying on shoes,” Fitzgerald said.

We found that men of all income levels visited our female profiles of different income levels at roughly equal rates.