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Shortly after the death of his wife in 1656, he married Isabella de Fren, daughter of the secretary of the council of Brabant, and strove his utmost to prove his right to armorial bearings.

In a petition to the king he reminded him that the honour of knighthood had been bestowed upon Rubens and van Dyck. 906), dated 1680, represents him as an alchemist, oppressed with a burden of age beyond his years.

One of this third Teniers's pictures—"St Dominic Kneeling before the Blessed Virgin," dated 1666—is still to be found in the church at Perck.

As well as his father, he contributed many patterns to the celebrated Brussels tapestry looms.

Still more interesting is a canvas, now in the Munich Gallery, where we see Teniers at work in a room of the palace, with an old peasant as a model and several gentlemen looking on.

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